Recent Projects

1. Wind Energy and electrical infrastructure.

Craig serves as President of Windward Iowa.

Windward Iowa is a coalition of bold, forward-thinking leaders that cares about the economic and environmental future of the state and nation.

  • We believe in the bright future that can come from fully tapping into a resource that is renewable, new, clean, and until now, not reaching its full potential.
  • We believe wind energy is a source of real economic growth for Iowa, and in order for that resource to be used to its full potential, new transmission systems are required.
  • We will advocate for creation of wind projects such as wind farms and transmission lines across the state of Iowa, leading to economic prosperity and reduced pollution.

2. Soil Conservation

Craig is a grain and livestock farmer who practices soil conservation and has spoken extensively about practices of utilizing cover crops.

3. Political Campaigns

  • Craig has done political ads for Senator Joni Ernst during her first campaign for U.S. Senator.
  • Craig serves as Agricultural Co-Chair for Senator Rand Paul while he is campaigning for U.S. President

4. Rural Economic Development.

Craig serves on the Iowa State University-Community Vitality Center Board (CVC).

The mission of the Iowa Community Vitality Center (CVC) is to serve as a catalyst for innovative projects and initiatives designed to improve the vitality of Iowa communities. The CVC facilitates networking among small and medium size rural communities, sponsors policy analyses, engages communities in dialogue, and fosters discussion among rural and urban interests.